NICOLAS Side Girder Deck delivered to Statnett

The French special vehicle manufacturer NICOLAS Industrie S.A.S. recently launched a new 350 t side girder deck with the Norwegian transport company Statnett Transport AS taking the first delivery. The newly constructed deck from the French manufacturer for heavy-duty transport vehicles makes a convincing case not only in terms of design, but also due to a number of safety features.

The fruitful result of the cooperation between Statnett and NICOLAS has set new standards in terms of safety and quality.

The cabins of the NICOLAS side girder deck are equipped with cameras, air conditioning and other conveniently positioned components that contribute equally to a high safety and comfort level.
Back in the 1970s Statnett Transport AS acquired their first NICOLAS modular system which is still in operation today. Since then, the company has become a loyal customer and business partner to NICOLAS Industrie SAS, constantly increasing its existing fleet over the course of time.

In total, the realization of the entire project, from an extensive design stage over the assembling up to the final delivery, took less than one year, and the outcome is extremely impressive. Each component was developed in cooperation with the Norwegian customer and now meets the exact needs of the market regarding size and function. Goods to be transported can thus have lengths of 15 m as well as widths of up to 4.3 m. Thanks to the incredibly low dead weight of the combination along with a length ranging from 57 m to more than 80 m with trucks, it is the ideal solution for transport operations of electrical transformers and generators; naturally, other types of goods are also easy to transport. Thanks to the hydraulic widening assistance of 2.30 m to 4.30 m, the mechanical locking of the width positions as well as a total lift of 1.68 m the NICOLAS side girder deck guarantees high level of user-friendliness and flexibility.

The Statnett side girder deck is combined with a NICOLAS MDEL-R. This is of particular benefit for customers that are already own such NICOLAS modules; however, other potential customers can also profit from the extraordinary features as the side girder deck can be used with all types of NICOLAS modules. Depending on requirements, the deck can be coupled with 2 x 10 axle lines, 2 x 12 axle lines and 2 x 14 axle lines respectively. The complete set of equipment delivered includes several types of central beams: one set of 12.7 m long beams and another one of 15.5 m. In order to be able to transport very high cargo, NICOLAS has designed some special extension parts which allow the central beams to be transported in a lower position.

During the development of the combination, particular emphasis was put on safety factors which indeed are among the most outstanding characteristics. On the top of the necks, hydraulic tilting, rails and moving floors were mounted. Thus, the operators can move bolsters and necks along in safe conditions. In addition, the two cabins at each end – which can be moved 1 m to the right and left – as well as large front, rear and lateral opening windows, guarantee first-rate visibility during delicate operations. The cabins are equipped for transports at extreme temperatures and each feature excellent insulation along with their own generator.

Two driving positions are located on the right and left side of the cabin. For safety reasons there is no high pressure hydraulic circuit inside the cabin. The NICOLAS side girder deck is also equipped with cameras, air conditioning and other convenient components that contribute equally to a high safety and comfort level. The PowerPackUnits are provided with noise protection (less than 75 dB), which contribute not only to the safety but is also an important economical consideration by allowing driving at night. Other features such as hydraulic tools in order to position the coupling beams, a handling trolley to install the beams around the load or coupling beams are very useful tools to ensure rapid transport and preparation.

The first convoy featuring the 350 t side girder deck in combination with the NICOLAS MDEL-R is took place in October last year. Visitors at this year’s Lastbil in Sweden have already had the opportunity to see some of the components that make up the products and to convince themselves of the fruitful cooperation between Statnett Transport AS and the specialist vehicle manufacturer NICOLAS which has set new standards in terms of safety and quality.
With the development of the world's largest side girder deck, the STB 1000 in 2010, the TII Group has now expanded its versatile product range with the new 350 t side girder deck from NICOLAS. Once again, the TII Group has demonstrated its versatility and innovation, and confirmed its standing as the world market leader in manufacturing heavy-duty transporters.

Statnett Transport AS is the transport division in the Statnett Group, a Norwegian state-owned enterprise responsible for owning, operating and constructing the stem power grid in Norway.

They provide services for the whole transportation process, from planning up to the transportation of the goods to its final destination. Their main duties include the verification of actual transportation and safety-related issues, as well as the provision of the appropriate permits from the relevant authorities, route inspection and confirmation of weather and driving conditions for the time of transportation. Statnett Transport also takes on a consultation role in the area of heavy and abnormal haulage tasks.

Source: NICOLAS Industrie S.A.S.

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