Link-Belt Shows Seven Cranes at CONEXPO-CON/AGG

Link-Belt exhibited seven of its newest lattice and telescopic boom cranes, several of which are not only brand-new but also the largest capacity cranes ever offered by Link-Belt. Link-Belt also unveiled breakthrough online customer tools for its comprehensive customer support program, Link-Belt Preferred.

Link-Belt showcased its newest telescopic cranes including a 70 t truck that builds on the legacy of the storied HTC-8675 but with longer reach, improved lift capacities, and a refined over-the-road mobility. Also at the booth, a 220 t all terrain that piles on more muscle to a job-proven AT line. Additionally, a couple of brand-new telescopic boom cranes also made a giant splash.

Link-Belt introduced the brand-new HTC-3140LB 120 t hydraulic truck crane and RTC-80130 Series II 120 t rough terrain crane. Designed as a simple, cost-effective heavy-lift crane, the HTC-3140LB brings unparalleled capacity and transportability to what will be the largest truck crane in North America. The biggest RT Link-Belt has ever produced, this new crane combines the enormously successful attributes of the RTC-80100 Series II, 90,7 t RT with Link-Belt's latching boom technology to create one of the strongest, most easily transported RT's in the industry

Link-Belt's lattice boom showstoppers included an 72,6 t crawler with better capacities and even easier assembly and transportability than its predecessor. Link-Belt also showed the true replacement answer for the aging 208,6 t crawlers around the world. This crane's performance and effortless assembly, disassembly, and transportability make that replacement decision easy. Finally, Link-Belt's largest lattice crawler ever made its debut in the desert. Adding mammoth muscle to Link-Belt's already potent lattice boom lineup, the 548 brings a new level of transportability and strength to this heavy lift class.

Preliminary specifications place the 548's heavy-duty boom at 24 - 84 m and the long-range boom at 42 - 108 m. Luffer testing will soon be underway. Also in the 548's near future is a heavy-lift attachment with a supermast to provide even greater capacity. The 548, however, achieves its 500 t conventional base rating capacity with its standard live mast and standard heavy-duty boom.

A dual drum hoist with 28 mm rope maximizes lifting power. The boom-mounted winches have 21 900 kg of available line pull. Maximum line speed is 160 m/min.

The upper counterweights total 160 000 kg and the lower counterweights total 45 000 kg. For a wide, stable stance, track gauge is 8 m, for its 11,3 m tread members, and 1524 mm track shoes.

An Isuzu 6WGI, Tier III engine with 523 hp powering nine hydraulic pumps is at the heart of this behemoth.

With the 548, transportability is key. For efficient assembly/disassembly, the standard equipped live-mast lifting cylinder can handle its own sideframes, lower counterweights, and boom base. The main transport load weighs less than 45 359 kg and includes the house with quick-disconnect turntable bearing, live mast, and upper jacks.

Perfect for heavy industrial, petrochemical, and wind energy work, the Link-Belt 548 will take on all comers in its heavy lift class.

Source: Link-Belt Construction Equipment


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