The MECANIVENT - A New Type of Rigid Ventilation Ducts for Underground Mining

André Paquet, Mecanicad
Special Collaboration


A new rigid fan pipe kit made of polymer has been designed for underground mining and tunnelling customers by Mecanicad in 2008.

Transport cost savings are the first benefits of this new product. Up to 30 pipes of the MECANIVENT can be piled up on a single 4’ x 4’ x 8’ pallet giving the possibility of carrying from 250 m to 300 m on a single trailer load. That quantity is far more important than the one possible with any other rigid type ducts.

The same principle applies for bringing down underground in one load 30 plastic pipes of 40 cm to 106 cm diameter instead of one or two units made of steel or Fiberglass types, that same size.

Moreover, handling and installation costs of that new type of ducts are considerably reduced for the following reasons:

  • Lightness – each 2,44 m (8 ft) pipe of 106 cm (42 in) diameter weighs only 27,2 kg (60 lb).
  • Easy assembly
  • Fast undergound installation – a two-men team will install 14 duct sections during a work shift.

The MECANIVENT ducts are resistant to shocks from underground equipment and will never rust.
Furthermore, the MECANIVENT ventilation system installed at Casa Berardi mining installations, located north of La Sarre, Quebec, have proven that their low coefficient of friction coupled with the air-tight pipes allow a reduction of the “K” Factor to 3.

They also require a reduced number of fans to push the air on a long distance resulting in important electrical power savings.

The MECANIVENT is now available to the Canadian mining industry.

Being in the first line as an innovator, Mecanicad offers solutions to design and manufacturing problems using materials that improve efficiency and cost control of mining operations and many other types of industries.

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