Raising the Roof

A -24°C wind-chill will not deter Oakwood from raising the roof, with some help from the Garlock Versa-Lift 600 construction elevator.

Oakwood Roofing of Winnipeg, Manitoba has recently begun to fit a 25 000 m2 Genflex roofing system to the new Canada Post Central Processing Facility at Winnipeg Airport. Although no hot bitumen is being used during construction, the outer or upper layer will be comprised of ballast stone. Oakwood chose the Garlock Versa-Lift to improve the efficiency of getting the rock to the roof, as well as equipment and materials.

The all aluminium telescopic elevator is a fixture in other parts of the world to ferry tiles, windows, furniture, solar panels etc., onto or into buildings. Garlock, in partnership with a leading German manufacturer developed the Versa-Lift 600 with the North American contractor in mind. Unlike its European cousin, the Garlock machine not only lifts and lowers with a platform, it can raise and dump via a gravel bucket, and can be deployed to discharge waste into waiting trucks, dumpsters or skips.

The heavy-duty trailer, adjustable outriggers and turntable base allow the Versa-Lift 600 to be towed by an SUV or pick-up truck and maneuvered easily on-site. There is even an optional hydraulic drive to assist in difficult terrain.

The Versa-Lift 600 has become a regular sight for roofers throughout Canada, with machines working from coast to coast. Available in standard sizes from 27 – 38 m reach, this machine can be configured to reach up, over and around most obstacles, depending on the optional equipment fitted. In this case the gravel bucket was used to fill a Garlock 788 Gravel Hopper, which, in turn fed three Garlock R-800 Workhorses that distributed the stone across the roof surface. With a maximum trolley speed of 60 m/min, more than 10 t/h could be moved with an experienced crew without deploying the knuckle, on a straight and secure 27 m lift.

Once the roof is complete, the bucket will be replaced with a platform to lower equipment and material for transport to the next site. When that is complete, the Versa-Lift will be retracted and packed up to be towed to its next mission where it can be set up and ready to go in less than a half-hour.

Source: Garlock Equipment Company

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