Polyglass USA Offers a Long-Term Exposure Roofing Underlayment

Polyglass® USA, a worldwide leader in modified bitumen roofing and waterproofing products, is proud to introduce an underlayment that can be exposed to the elements for up to 36 months, Polystick TU P underlayment. This APP rubberized asphalt waterproofing membrane with a glass fiber-reinforced polyester mat can be exposed to the elements for long periods of time, making it convenient for contractors, who cannot install roofing tiles immediately after the underlayment application.

Part of Polyglass' Polystick family of underlayments, Polystick TU P is ideal for use where roofing tiles are installed via adhesive set applications, but it can also be installed in mortar set or mechanically-fastened systems. Although the Polystick TU P can be used for re-roofing applications, this granular skid resistant tile underlayment is best suited for use in new construction, when tiles may be stacked on rooftops for extended periods of time. Polystick TU P also provides excellent thermal stability at temperatures of up to 260 degrees Fahrenheit, offering flexibility in warm climates.

"There is a timely need for roofing underlayments that can be exposed to the elements for long periods of time," stated Fernando Mesa, vice president of sales for Polyglass. "Polystick TU P fulfills that need and is affordably priced to accommodate a wide range of sloped buildings."

Polystick TU P is manufactured using the patented SA self-adhesive membranes with ADESO technology, whereby a "true" APP compound is applied on the top layer and an aggressive self-adhesive compound is applied to the bottom layer. Polystick TU P is comprised of homogenous rubberized waterproofing asphalt, glass fiber-reinforced polyester mat, with a granulated surfacing, designed specifically for use as a long-term exposure, tile underlayment.

Polystick TU P is a versatile product, which uses include, but are not limited to: tile underlayment, chimney flashings, skylight flashings, pipe penetrations, application at ridges and eaves and valley underlayment.

In addition to the new Polystick TU P, Polystick TU Plus and Polystick TU for tile roofing applications, Polyglass also offers Polystick MU and Polystick Basik for metal roofing applications; Polystick P, which is surfaced with high strength polyethylene film laminate for ice dam protection and Polystick IR-X with granular surface for ice and water shield applications. These products are applied by removing the split release, peel-off backing and pressing to a suitable, dry substrate.

Source: Polyglass USA Inc.

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