Demag® AC 500-8 All Terrain Crane Lifts Chimney Liner
at Munich Cogeneration Plant

On behalf of Munich City Utilities, AKM Autokranvermietung lifted a chimney liner weighing 19 t into the existing chimney of a cogeneration plant in the Freimann district of Munich, Germany. With a required lifting height of 119 m, crane operator Klaus Kellner fully exploited the allowable capacity of his Demag® AC 500-8 crane.

“Of all the 8-axle cranes available, the Demag AC 500-8 is the only crane that can safely handle the required loads of up to 19 t at this height – otherwise we would have had to use a larger and thus more expensive 700 t or even 750 t crane,” explained Sven Bauer, general manager of technology at AKM.

But there was also another argument in favor of the AC 500-8: Due to its compact design – not only compared to a next-larger crane with 9 axles, but also to other 8-axle cranes – it could cope much better with the cramped conditions on the construction site.

Every Centimeter Counts
For the task at hand, the AKM team had equipped the Demag crane with a 47 m main boom and a 72 m luffing jib in the SSL 60° configuration with 180 t of counterweight. This configuration was calculated from the factors lifting height and weight.

“It was clear to us that we didn't have much room for maneuver with the lifts. That's why we also placed bog mats under the outriggers of the AC 500-8 in order to raise the level of the crane and thus gain a little more height,” reported Mr. Kellner.

It was also important not to give away a single centimeter when it came to the lifting tackle. For this reason, AKM had a customized spreader made of highly tempered steel built especially for this application, in which the holes to accommodate the load slings were precisely matched to the liner segments, ensuring that they could really go to the maximum allowable hook height.

In spite of all these measures and the meticulous preparation, lifting the chimney liner segments remained a difficult custom job that demanded the utmost precision from the crane operator and his equipment.

“I was already aware that it would be very tight,” explained Klaus Kellner. “We hooked up the spreader, raised the liner to the required height of 119 m and then slewed it over the chimney.”

While lowering the liner segments, he was instructed by a colleague standing on the chimney because of lack of visibility. The challenge: The bulky liner segments had to be lifted over the railing at the top of the chimney without bumping into it – with just 20 cm clearance between load and railing.

AKM Autokranvermietung, headquartered in Oberschleißheim near Munich, offers its customers a comprehensive range of services. These include crane rentals, heavy haulage and special transportation, and industrial relocation and machine assembly, to name just a few. AKM has an extensive fleet with state-of-the-art machinery that is available to customers in Germany and neighboring countries.

Source: Terex Corporation


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