Cortec® MCI® Helps Prevent Corrosion Inside Bridge Tendons, Post tensioned Box Girder Bridges and Pipes

MCI®-309 helps prevent corrosion for up to two years in segmental concrete bridge tendons, post tensioned box girder bridges, tubular structures, pipes, vessels, and turbines, and to protect equipment after hydrostatic testing. MCI®-309 can also be used for parts, components, and completed assemblies during shipping and storage.

MCI®-309 powder is used for temporary corrosion protection of ferrous metals in recessed areas, interior cavities, and voids. MCI®-309 provides an extremely efficient dry method of protecting metals within an enclosed space.

It will also prevent further corrosion of pre-coated and painted surfaces. MCI®-309 vaporizes and absorbs on all metal surfaces, reaching all exposed areas. It does not contain silicates, phosphates, or nitrites; and does not affect the physical properties of concrete or grout. MCI®-309 provides up to 24 months of continuous corrosion protection.

Apply MCI®-309 powder by dusting, sprinkling, or fogging. Fogging is easily achieved with a low-pressure air hose and sandblast cup or a large conventional sandblasting system can also be used. After application simply cover, close, or seal the interior cavity or void. The protected surfaces do not require cleaning prior to concrete or grout placement, but if needed, MCI®-309 is easily removed using a low-pressure air gun or water rinse.

Source: Cortec Corporation

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