Moxy Engineering
to Build Rigid Dump Trucks


To complement and extend its product line-up of five articulated dump truck models, Moxy Engineering has acquired the intellectual property of the Aveling-Barford rigid dump truck range and the rights to use the famous Invicta logo.

The Norwegian-based company's decision to move into the rigid truck market is a new development and follows hard on the heels of the launch of the MT51, currently the world's largest articulated dump truck.

Developed from Aveling-Barford's RD44 model, the new AB51 is powered by a Cummins QSX15 diesel engine producing 580 hp at 2100 rpm which drives through a six-speed Allison H5600AR transmission.

A look at the truck's capacity and dimensions reveals an all up weight of 77,6 t and a 46,3 t payload capacity.

With integral cab protection, the rear tipping body has a heaped capacity of 28,8 m3. It is made from abrasive resistant steel and mounted on special supports to absorb shock loads and vibration. A two-cylinder, two-stage hoist system, fixed to the chassis, is powered by a pump directly mounted to the gearbox giving a tipping time of less than 11 s to a maximum angle of 51°.

The front steering axle comprises two independent suspension cylinders. Wheel hubs are attached to ends of the suspension cylinders enabling the pistons to act as kingpins while both hubs are connected by draglinks. Power steering, with a steering angle of 36°, is by way of two double acting cylinders and a hydraulic pump geared to the engine. The rear Kessler driving axle is a double reduction-spiral bevel differential type with inboard planetary reduction gears in both hubs. Front and rear tire sizes are the same with 2100x35 tubeless quarry tires fitted all round.

The braking system complies with ISO standards covering the truck's maximum total weight on the ground. Oil immersed brakes are fitted on the rear axle while the front are of the dry disc type. The emergency brake works in conjunction with the service brake.

A major feature of the AB51 is the new heavy-duty, sound-proofed and well appointed cab, a greatly improved version than that of its predecessor, is mounted on special supports to reduce vibration and has the benefit of a comfortable, pneumatic suspension seat, and air conditioning is standard. Instrumentation is comprehensive with gauges and visual indicators covering all engine and component functions.

Jamie Thomson, Moxy Engineering's managing director, says: "We are delighted with the interest shown by potential customers when the prototype was displayed at the Bauma exhibition in April despite the fact that production is not expected to begin until mid 2008. With quite a long time to production there may be some changes to the specifications. Plans are also in the pipeline to introduce further models in the future. The AB51 will be followed by the AB76, a significantly updated version of the Aveling-Barford RD65. Also planned is a 100 t capacity model which will be an entirely new design."

The planned introduction of the AB51 and subsequent models not only adds a new dimension to the Moxy product range but also allows the company to penetrate new markets with trucks designed to provide customers with operational value, built-in productivity and reliability from a dependable manufacturing source.

Source: Moxy Engineering AS

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