Cimline Makes It to the Olympics!


The Sea to Sky Highway in British Columbia has become well known for controversy, beauty and for being the Olympian route for the 2010 Winter Games.

What may be less well known is the work put in, to maintain this thoroughfare and maximizing its longevity. This is a task, which was undertaken by the Capilano Highway Services division of the Miller Group.

The BC Ministry of Transportation is a recognized leader in implementing integrated construction and long-term maintenance contracts for infrastructure. The Sea to Sky being one of the largest and most comprehensive such programs with the added celebrity due to the coming of the games.

In keeping with the comprehensive nature of the contract Miller-Capilano is not only responsible for SNIC, but brush control, grading, safety barriers and rock slide prevention. Often with such all-encompassing projects, some basic pavement maintenance practices get overlooked in favor of more obvious or glamorous tasks. One of these is crack sealing – a sadly forlorn and somewhat orphaned preventative procedure. Miller-Capilano, like her sister company, MRDC in New Brunswick, knows the long-term benefits gained from such an inexpensive process when undertaken in a timely fashion.

Crack sealing produces the largest impact on road surface longevity for the lowest cost of any maintenance practice. Hot mix asphalt (HMA) and other pavement materials will begin to crack, perhaps imperceptivity, immediately after being laid. This is in part due to cooling and curing as well as compaction and settling of the base and substrate. Add to this the wear and tear of vehicles and freight, temperature and other climatic factors and it is not surprising that cracks begin to appear. Most cracking begins in the first 12-18 months of a pavement life, and the problem grows with age and use. More than 75% of all potholes could be avoided by implementing an aggressive crack sealing program in that initial window.

Understanding this, Miller-Capilano also knew that the process is ultimately only as reliable as the material and equipment used. As the leading manufacturer of sealant and other asphalt products in Canada, McAsphalt was consulted. According to Trent Gofers of McAsphalt Vancouver, “We have recommended our Beram 190/195 hot rubber product. This will provide excellent adhesion in our varied climate as well as having high wear resistance and ease of application characteristics. Miller-Cap also asked our opinion about the various equipment available and that was why we referred them to Len Plett of Paving Solutions.”

“The Black Stuff is second nature to us, so when we received Capilano’s initial inquiry we knew we could provide them with the right machine for the job,” said Mr. Plett. He continued, “After we reviewed their operations and consulted our technical support specialist, the Cimline 230 DH Magma was suggested. As the authorized dealer for British Columbia, we know there is no better highway class melter than the Magma. With the 1 Hour Start-Up Guarantee and the level of parts, service and technical support we get from the factory it is always a confident recommendation for Paving Solutions to make.”

The Cimline Magma is the benchmark machine for the professional contractors and municipal authorities that take crack sealing seriously. Obvious features set the Magma aside from its competitors, like the tubular steel frame, fully insulated splash proof loading doors, standard fume reduction system, and on board spares kit. Add to these the unique angled burner with ceramic firebox and you get a machine that, unaided, can be operating in 60 min even at temperatures of –10°C. The high efficiency diesel burner will provide a ration of 2,5 l of molten material produced for every 1 l of fuel consumed. Throw in the 113 l/min asphalt pump and the single electrically heated hose and a 230 DH can discharge as much as 1000 m/h of material. Is it any wonder that Magma is Canada’s leading melter/applicator for both waterproofing and crack sealing?

With the eyes of the world turning to Vancouver 2010, and the Sea to Sky to be scrutinized by the International Olympic Committee and the world’s press, Miller-Capilano will be able to stand tall on the podium knowing their Magma 230 DH is a true Olympian.

Source: Cimline

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