Ottawa Construction Company Not Concerned About Cold Temperatures Anymore


Since its inception in 1948, Taggart Construction has grown to become one of Ottawa, Ontario’s most respected construction companies. They are involved in several building projects, including the development of bridges, roads, sewage treatment plants, stormwater management systems, water treatment plants and solid waste management facilities. Their customers are primarily in the Ottawa and Kingston region and include municipalities and land developers.

Tony Labadie is Taggart Construction’s Equipment manager. His job is to make sure that the equipment fleet – which includes a rugged assortment of trucks, bulldozers, wheel loaders, crawlers and excavators – is ready to work at all times. This is not always the easiest of tasks, especially when Mother Nature is not cooperating.

Battling The Elements
Ottawa has a semi-continental climate, with a warm, humid summer and a very cold winter. If not properly maintained, these varying temperature extremes can wreak havoc with equipment productivity and performance.
“Ensuring our equipment performs throughout the hot summer months and the freezing cold winter months is our biggest challenge,” says Tony Labadie. Temperatures in the region can range from above 30°C in the summer to -30°C and below in the winter.

On average, Taggart Construction’s equipment is moving, hauling, lifting, loading, crawling and digging away on multiple jobsites 10 hours per day, 5 days per week.

Maintenance Is Key
If equipment is sitting idle, so are the profits. For construction companies, an effective maintenance protocol, good operating practices and the diligent application of quality lubricants help to reduce downtime and equipment failure.

Tony Labadie relies on Petro-Canada to provide him with lubricant solutions. Due to API category upgrades as well as the need for advanced all-season performance, he upgraded his heavy-duty engine oil to Petro-Canada’s DURON-E Synthetic 10W-40.

“We switched to DURON-E Synthetic 10W-40 because we needed a premium oil that could provide advanced all-season performance,” says Mr. Labadie.

DURON-E Synthetic 10W-40 is a premium heavy-duty engine oil that is suitable for use in engines powered by both ultra low and low sulphur diesel. It is also backwards compatible, carrying the API CI-4 Plus, CI-4, CH-4, CG-4 licences required by pre-’07 diesel engines.

The Synthetic Solution
DURON-E Synthetic 10W-40 is known as the allseason, all-fleet heavy-duty engine oil. Tony Labadie can attest to this statement. “I really wanted a synthetic oil that could extend drain intervals, control soot and help us with our cold starts,” he says. “I got all that and more after switching to DURON-E Synthetic 10W-40.”

Mr. Labadie also likes the fact that his fleet is now benefiting from improved fuel economy through ease of start-up and lower viscous drag versus their older SAE 15W-40 oil. “I would recommend DURON-E Synthetic 10W-40 to any company in need of a quality all-season oil,” he adds.

The Formulation
DURON-E Synthetic 10W-40 is formulated to the highest 4-stroke diesel engine oil standards and is ideal for use in extended oil drain interval service.

One of the reasons it provides such great performance benefits is because it is free of most of the impurities found in conventional oils. The formulation starts with the patented HT purity process, which produces 99,9% pure base oils – one of the purest in the world. By removing impurities that can hinder performance, DURON-E retains its “fresh oil” properties longer. Petro-Canada then blends these exceptional, crystal-clear base oils with high-performance additives to provide a number of performance benefits, including extended equipment life, reduced fuel consumption and low temperature properties.

Worry-free Lubricants & Service
“I would like to compliment Petro-Canada not only for providing me with great products but also for their outstanding service,” explains Tony Labadie. “When it comes to lubrication there’s no worry or guesswork involved. It’s nice to have a company like them on your side, they really do provide value to us.”

Source: Petro-Canada Lubricants

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