New Economical Electronic Spreader Controller from ACE


ACE, Accent Electronic Controls, Inc. launches ECOBITE II ™, a very economical electronic spreader controller that offers state-of-the-art functionality and expansion capabilities. The simple to operate and install units combine operator friendly controls, a highly visible display and all electronic components in a single enclosure.

The ECOBITE II ™ is available in two configurations for spreading dry materials; the open-loop model (estimated spreading rates) can be field-upgraded to the closed-loop one (calibrated spreading rates). A liquid spreading version for anti-icing or dust suppressant applications is can control multiple spray bars.

By interfacing the spreader controller to ACE’s own INFOBITE ™ GPS trip data recorder, fleet operators can accurately manage spreading programs and bring accountability to their operations, much like high-end controllers can do, but at a lower price. Linking ECOBITE II ™ to third-party AVL/GPS systems is also possible using its open data interface protocol.

“ECOBITE II ™ makes it possible for operators that have traditionally operated trucks with manual valves to upgrade to electronic controls at a minimal cost”, states Eric Lemieux, President and CEO of ACE. He adds: “ACE continues to innovate and bring products to market that address the real needs of operators. We are the only Canadian manufacturer of a full line of electronic and hydraulic controls, we constantly listen to operators to innovate and adapt our products to respond to their needs. Looking ahead, we plan to build on our 13 years of experience and our solid customer base in Eastern Canada to bring our operator and mechanic friendly products to a greater number of fleets across Canada.”

ACE designs and manufactures products in Canada specifically targeting the road maintenance market. Products include the CHLOROBITE™ and ECOBITE II™ electronic spreader controllers, the INFOBITE™ wireless GPS trip / activity reporting system, OPTIVALVE II™ and ECOVALVE™ hydraulic control valves and the MANIMAX™ joystick plough controls. ACE is employee-owned and has been in business since 1997. It is located in Quebec City and sells its products through a network of truck builders, resellers and integrators. ACE products have been approved by all mainstream Canadian plow truck builders.

Source: ACE, Accent Contrôles Électroniques, Inc.



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