Flex-Mat® 3 Increases Screen Capacity & Material Throughput While Reducing Downtime


Flex-Mat® 3 High-Performance, Self-Cleaning Screen Media from Montreal-based Major Wire Industries Limited helps operations increase screen capacity and material throughput while reducing downtime. Available for modular or tensioned screen decks, Flex-Mat 3 panels have more open area, providing up to 30% more screen capacity than woven wire and up to 50% more screen capacity than polyurethane and rubber panels. It employs independently vibrating wires that increase product throughput by up to 40% over traditional woven wire or polyurethane panels by increasing open area and eliminating any blinding, pegging and clogging. To date, Flex-Mat 3 is operating in more than 20 000 applications worldwide.

Some aggregate producers are switching to larger screen boxes to gain added capacity. Typically, producers can gain the same or more capacity by trying Flex-Mat 3 first and save money compared with purchasing larger screen boxes.

For tensioned screen decks, Flex-Mat 3’s signature lime green polyurethane strips align to the screen box’s crown bars and hold individual wires in place as they run from hook to hook. Wear life exceeds that of woven wire up to three times because there are no cross wires with high wear spots like there are with woven wire. On modular screen decks, Flex-Mat 3’s modular panels install easily, similar to traditional polyurethane and rubber panels. On both screen types, Flex-Mat 3’s wires vibrate independently to better separate material, virtually eliminating blinding, pegging or clogging. This minimizes downtime spent cleaning or replacing screen cloth, increasing production time.

Source: Major Wire Industries Limited

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