MB Crusher Buckets Help Expand Tokyo’s Subway Network


MB’s crusher buckets will be used in the construction of the new subway system in Tokyo, Japan. The Italian company will have the privilege of seeing its equipment play a leading role in the construction of one of the most cutting-edge infrastructures in the world.

Tokyo’s first subway opened on December 30th, 1927. Since then, the system has grown to over 195 km and 179 stations. Together with the metropolitan government-run Toei network, Tokyo Metro lines transport 8 million passengers daily. These underground lines are extremely important since they lead to benefits in terms of less traffic, reduced pollution-related problems and enhancement of public transportation that results from its execution.

Starting in 2012, the Fukutoshin Line will be directly connected to the Tokyu Toyoko Line, which runs between Shibuya and Yokohama.

The new subway will provide the city of Tokyo with a new look, and will entail a significant reduction in automobile use while easing transportation around the city.

This triumphant debut on the Japanese market confirms MB’s global leadership in the demolition and recycling sector. MB crusher buckets were the only ones deemed suitable for use in building the Japanese underground, as they can easily move around in crowded spaces in the city, while contributing to saving energy and respecting the environment.

Traditional crushing equipment could not be used since it was not possible to move the material to other locations, and would have led to significant difficulties in terms of noise, dust, safety and operation. MB’s BF60.1 and BF70.2, on the other hand, offer a perfect combination of versatility and manageability, avoiding the burdensome task of moving the material and producing the stabilized pavement directly on site, thereby saving time and reducing costs.
MB is becoming more and more international and its products are in demand throughout the world, because those who choose an MB crusher bucket immediately discover the benefits it offers compared to other technologies.

Source: MB S.p.A.

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