Solar Rooftop PV Grid-Tied System For a Canadian School


Installation is complete for the 38 kW solar grid-tied photovoltaic system designed for the newly constructed Dr. David Suzuki Public School, in Windsor, Ontario. The new solar system was engineered and installed by Canadian-based solar integrator, Carmanah Technologies for the Greater Essex County District School Board who received funding for the solar project through the Government of Ontario.

Capable of delivering up to 10% of the facility’s total energy needs, the new solar PV system is expected to serve as both a sustainable, revenue-generating power source as well as a functional learning tool for up to 500 students returning to classes in the fall.

The new 5388 m2 building, named after internationally renowned environmentalist, Dr. David Suzuki, is a standing demonstration of environmental design for the architectural and engineering community. The addition of the photovoltaic system is supporting the School’s application for LEED (Leadership in Environmental Engineering and Design) Platinum-level certification, the nation’s highest level of certification for green building design. If the application is approved, the Dr. David Suzuki Public School would be the first school in Canada to receive the environmental honor.

By including sustainable technology early in the building design process, the Greater Essex County District School Board hopes to incorporate the new technologies in both student academia and culture; the School is providing information kiosks throughout the building and a website that will inform students and guests about the energy and environmental technologies being employed. “We believe it is important to teach children about alternative energy sources as well as energy conservation,” stated Giuliana Hinchliffe, coordinator of Engineering, Facility Services Department, Greater Essex County District School Board.

The Greater Essex County School Board expects to activate the new Carmanah solar PV system as soon as the Ontario Power Authority Feed-In-Tariff process is complete. The OPA FIT program will reimburse the School Board for every kWh the solar system produces.

Source: Carmanah Technologie

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