Continental CST at World of Material Handling

Continental Commercial Specialty Tires (CST) presented its solid tire portfolio at the event World of Material Handling from Linde Material Handling GmbH, a leading manufacturer of forklifts and warehouse equipment. In front of the eyes of visitors, Continental CST conducted shock-absorption tests on its SC20 Energy+ tire. The tests confirmed that the SC20 Energy+ offers an improved riding comfort compared to the competitor tire with matching features and dimensions.

Both tires were tested under identical conditions with the same vehicle model, the Linde E30/600H, as well as the same driver and load. In the experiment, a steel plate was crossed at 10 km/h and the resulting shock load, thus the acceleration in vertical direction, was measured. The vertical accelerations were recorded and visualized with an app on an iPad. The tests confirmed that the SC20 Energy+ produces significantly lower vertical accelerations than the competitor tire. Lower accelerations mean lower forces being exerted on the driver and the load.

Therefore the tire significantly contributes to the reduction of vibrations felt by the driver and to the improvement of the riding comfort.

Continental CST presented at the World of Material Handling from Linde the newest products from its comprehensive solid tire portfolio. This includes the extremely wear-resistant SC20 Mileage+, with its innovative rubber compound that improves mileage and lowers operating costs. Thanks to improved abrasion properties, the tires are optimized for outside applications with abrasive surfaces. The CS20, with its closed shoulder, offers maximum stability and low energy consumption. The solid tire Continental LifeCycle is environmentally friendly by reducing the use of energy and raw materials in the manufacturing process through the reuse of selected carcasses. The sustainable production reduces CO2 emissions and protects the environment.

Held from May 5 - 23, 2014, the World of Material Handling from Linde was the first in-house exhibition of the company.

Numerous reputable suppliers that work closely with Linde were represented. These suppliers are also putting high requirements on their products in terms of quality, efficiency, sustainability and ergonomics.

Source: Continental

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