Atlas Copco Releases New Rammers

The new Atlas Copco rammers in the 50 kg and 60 kg weight class are powered by Honda engines and designed for compaction work in confined areas. One of the major changes is the slimmer design that facilitates handling close to walls, posts or in narrow trenches.

“The new design in combination with reduced weight truly improves handling and we kept the compaction efficiency on the same high level,” says Pavel Levshin, Product Line manager. “Operator safety is equally important. The effective vibration-absorbing construction of the handle keeps hand/arm vibration low.”

The new steering bow comes with rollers in the front and single lifting point for easy and safe handling on the worksite. To prevent unnecessary wear to the shock absorbers an integral lock is activated during lifting and transport.

The new large air filter can be changed without using any tools. As an option it can also be fitted with an indicator showing when to change filter. The indicator is reset by a push of a button. To assist in keeping track on service intervals an hour meter is now also available as an option.

“The use of reliable four stroke engines for easy start-ups and low emissions is a given. The same goes for the throttle control with three fixed positions that prevents excessive wear to the clutch and saves fuel by eliminating the risk of leaving the throttle half open. The air breather is now an automatic function to facilitate operation.” concludes Pavel Levshin.

Atlas Copco Rammers are versatile compaction tools developed for work on cohesive and granular soils, e.g. for repair and improvements to trenches, ditches, backfills and foundations. They are easy to handle in every stage of operation and reliable in all conditions – and work equally well regardless of when and how often they are used.

Source: Atlas Copco Construction Tools GmbH


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