Grip Studs™ Adds Two New Heavy-Equipment Traction Safety Studs

Grip Studs™ introduces the newest additions to its line of traction studs for tires and tracks – the 1910 and 1911 – designed exclusively for heavy equipment. Extra hefty for use in loaders, cranes, and graders, the 1910 and 1911 will not sink down and disappear into rubber tires and tracks under heavy weight like typical screw-in studs. The new 1910 and 1911 differ from each other in size only, penetrating the tire 14.5 mm and 17.5 mm, respectively. Medium prominence of 4.5 mm and 5.3 mm ensures neither model will fold over under the stress of heavy loads.

The development of these new models was driven by the increasing demand for traction studs in workplace applications. Grip Studs™ CEO Walt Foster points out the growing use of aftermarket tire studs for traction enhancement in offroad recreational vehicles is flooding over into government and commercial sectors to meet safety and efficiency requirements. Mr. Foster explains he founded the company because he wanted a reliable stud to increase traction on the slippery forest trails of Southern Oregon where he and his friends ride motorcycles. “Grip Studs™ are fun for motorcycles, but they’re indispensible for commercial utility vehicles and equipment, especially in the Great White North,” he says. “Large operations can’t afford not to protect their employees and their investment with this efficient traction safety device.”

Various types of studs can be found on the market – most consist of a simple sheet-metal-screw design, but Grip Studs™ patented wide-auger threads set them apart from all others. The substantial width of their angled threads allows more surface area to contact the rubber, so they stay put without working their way into or out of the tire. Retention is not the only advantage to Grip Studs™ – their durability is unparalleled. Although advertised as carbide, other studs fail because they are only tipped with carbide, or crowned by tiny carbide gravel; whereas, a solid tungsten carbide core surrounded by tempered steel makes Grip Studs™ tough enough to bite into the iciest terrain all season long.

Grip Studs™ self-tapping feature makes them easy to install with a bit and a cordless drill, requiring no tedious pre-drilling or gluing steps. Their unique notched collar allows simple removal and re-installation – versatility that makes Grip Studs™ a viable traction option instead of chains.

Source: Grip Studs™

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