The Quick Cure


The fast curing properties of the new Hilti Firestop silicone joint spray CFS-SP SIL allow contractors to reduce delays caused by weather, while improving their productivity and reducing the risk of water damage. Testing in accordance with ASTM D6904 (modified) demonstrates rain and wash out resistance within a few hours.  It also has a mold and mildew resistance rating 1 (ASTM G21).

The Hilti Firestop silicone joint spray, ideal for curtain wall/edge of slab, is both sprayable and brushable for a fast curing coating with a short tack-free time. When spraying, the Graco Ulta Max II 595 and 695 Sprayers provide quick and easy installation.

In addition, this low slump formulation combines superior sprayability and coverage characteristics which also limits runs in vertical surface applications. One 18.9 l bucket can yield approximately 75 m (linear @ 10 cm gap).

Source: Hilti (Canada) Corporation

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