Rapid Roll Launches in Canada

Rapid Roll Inc. launched its premiere product at the AWPA’s International Public Works Congress & Exposition, held in Toronto from August 17-20, 2014. Rapid Roll is a portable, temporary fencing system, created to provide a quick barrier against danger. The efficient, durable design is set to change the industry’s standard of go-to equipment by providing a superior solution to protect both pedestrians and workers.

Rapid Roll is the discovery of Venetor Group proprietors Tom and Dennis Beraldo. After growing the construction equipment rental business to be one of the largest in Canada, the Beraldo brothers sold the company to United Rentals Inc. in 2011. Together, they joined forces with long-time associate Jeff Carruthers to devote their time to improve the effectiveness of safety barriers used in construction, industrial or maintenance applications.

“Working alongside the industry, we know the resources available for temporary barriers are not always the safest,” says Tom Beraldo, president of Rapid Roll Inc. “Pylons, traffic cones, and caution tape are often used for their speed and portability. However, these warning tools also can be easily disregarded allowing for distracted pedestrians to walk into harms way. Rapid Roll is truly a solution for providing a safe temporary barrier that can adapt to each unique location. Our ultimate goal is ensuring the overall safety of everyone working or passing through a temporary barrier.”

The Rapid Roll system is based on the retractable fencing technology of the Barrier Storage Cartridge. With ease the fencing is extended and linked to a variety of Rapid Roll Posts and Bases to create a secure structure. Once the task is complete, the fencing simply is retracted via a handle and can be stored or transported to the next job. Rapid Roll is available in 15 m and 30 m lengths and a range of colors.

Rapid Roll provides a sturdy, strong presence that cannot be easily walked through. Reflective tape positioned on both sides of the cartridge provides added warning. Set-up can be completed by one operator in approximately 2.5 minutes.

Post variations allow for an unlimited number of indoor and outdoor, open and closed designs to protect each site. The system can also link together to create a larger parameter. Weighing only 12.7 kg (with 15 m of fencing), the Barrier Storage Cartridge can easily be picked up and moved from one job to the next.

Rapid Roll can support a wide variety of industries including, but not limited to, construction, maintenance, industrial and utility work, landscape, childcare and emergency services.

Source: Rapid Roll Inc.

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