Tandem lifts and Dynamic Anti Collision Possible
with Liebherr Ship Cranes


The demand for heavy load vessels has continuously increased in recent years. Liebherr has not only adapted its existing range of equipment to meet these requirements with ship cranes providing lifting capacities of up to 450 t, but has also implemented its own Litronic control system for even higher efficiency.

This sophisticated control system allows automatic tandem operation and other optional features such as anti-collision or remote control of cranes for improved crane operation safety. The Dynamic Anti-Collision System prevents collision between the cranes and / or fixed obstacles. When a number of cranes are operating simultaneously, the action of each crane can be controlled based on information of the current position of the neighbouring crane(s). The unique feature of this new Dynamic Anti Collision System is that the system automatically calculates actual position, speed and the acceleration of each crane as well as the load moment limitation. This provides the crane driver with maximum flexibility backed with full safety. Automated tandem lifts are another important feature of the Liebherr control system.

Furthermore the Anti-heeling System of the vessel can be supported through the control system. The total moment of all cranes can be calculated in relation to the vessel's longitudinal axis, depending on the load and working radius of each crane and displayed on the vessel's bridge.

Another innovative feature for these cranes is the Vertical Line Finder, which is provided as an optional control assistance to avoid side loading of crane. This new device controls the crane jib position by indicating the exact vertical rope position before lifting off the load. This ensures maximum accuracy and avoids potential side pull of the load. The benefit is that load swing is avoided from the outset so reducing the risk of damage to load or crane and ensuring maximum safety for operator and environment.

The first ship cranes implementing both anti collision and automated tandem operation are the heavy lift cranes of the CBB series. The CBB type electro-hydraulic heavy lift rope luffing cranes are based on Liebherr's proven design which has been progressed to include technical features unique to Liebherr equipment. This includes low centre of gravity through low distance between jib pivot and the slew bearing so ensuring increased vessel stability. Other favourable standard features are a spacious slewing column for easy access for maintenance purposes as well as better view of the working area thanks to the improved position of the first jib bracket.

Source: Liebherr


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