MB Crusher - The Four BFs


Versatile in its use and easy to handle, the bucket/crusher, today in 4 models, demolishes production costs (machine hire, transport and disposal in a dump) and advances the recycling culture.

They came on the market and started a new way of crushing. It is better to say that their extraordinary flexibility of use widened the boundaries of the recycling culture enormously. One of the first models of hydraulic equipment fitted with a jaw crusher to be used with an excavator was the BF 90.3, the bucket crusher by MB Crusher.

"Recycling debris and crushing right on site are more and more requirements that cannot be disregarded by companies, both big and small, working in the construction, demolition and building sector as well as in earthmoving in general", says Guido Azzolin of MB Crusher. "Nowadays our product is increasingly more common; it is no longer niche or specialized equipment, it is becoming standard equipment for any construction company."

MB Crusher has its headquarters in the province of Vicenza, Italy, in the town of Breganze, where the company's name comes from. In just a few months it has presented four different models of bucket/crusher for as many applications and work categories.

The application areas of this technology are different and include demolition, general construction, digging, reclamation, special applications like breaking up of the soil for agriculture and finally rock applications that is crushing of quarry material. The characteristics that have made their success are also immediately appreciated. These machines are versatile and cost-efficient. With them, it is possible to crush debris on-site anywhere a tracked excavator can go. They also offer the possibility of reducing transportation and disposal costs.

Thanks to their high production capacity, the bucket-crushers can be used in big and medium sites, doing away totally with the hire costs of machines fitted with a crusher and also transport costs. The bucket crusher works together with a tracked excavator that is normally already available in any construction site and does not need hiring a dedicated or specialized machine. The transport costs of the bucket crusher are negligible (it is moved like any equipment or digging bucket). Finally, the bucket-crusher eliminates the costs for the disposal of demolition material in a dump. The data gathered in the field from MB Crusher's customers show that they consider it to be useful both on big and small projects.

Crushing without limits
MB Crusher have four different type of crusher buckets:

BF60.1: The machine weighs 1,5t and is recommended for excavators weighting from 8 t to 12 t. Crushing is achieved by a jaw and the mouth aperture that measures 60 cm x 45 cm and the bucket's capacity is 0,5m. The size of the crushed material can be adjusted between 20 mm and 100 mm while hourly production is between 9.1m and 19.8m, calculated on the basis of medium tough material in optimum conditions.

BF 70.2: This model weighs 2,25t and is recommended for excavators between 12 t and 20 t. The jaw and mouth aperture measures 70 cm x 55 cm while the bucket's capacity is 0,6m. Crushed material can be adjusted between 20 mm and 120 mm and hourly production is between 12 m and 30 m.

BF 90.3: With a weight of 3,5t the original provides optimum performance for excavators weighing up to 20 t. Jaw and mouth aperture measures 90 cm x 45 cm while the bucket's capacity is 0,75m. The size of the crushed material can be adjusted between 20 mm and 120 mm. Hourly production is between 18 m and 40 m.

BF 120.4: The machine weighs 4,9t and is recommended for excavators weighing up to 28 t. Material measuring up to 120 cm by 45 cm and about 1 m in size, can be crushed at one time. The size of the crushed material can be adjusted to between 20 cm and 120 mm. Hourly production rate is between 25 m and 50 m.

Source: Meccanica Breganzese S.r.l

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