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Vactor Announces Improvements on its HXX Prodigy Vacuum Excavator



Vactor Manufacturing has introduced new features on the HXX Prodigy vacuum excavator, the offspring of the Vactor HXX HydroExcavator. Mounted on a 15,000 kg gross vehicle weight Class 7 truck chassis, the 2014 HXX Prodigy features a user-friendly control system identical to the controls used on the popular full-sized HXX HydroExcavator and the addition of a standard extendable boom with 320° rotation that provides full coverage of the working area. An optional telescopic boom is also available.

“The Vactor HXX Prodigy has been enhanced for easier and more efficient operation,” said Ben Schmitt, product manager at Vactor Manufacturing. “The 2014 model provides the same great quality, productivity and performance our customers have come to expect from the original Prodigy, but at a lower price.”

The mid-sized Prodigy uses hydroexcavation, blasting away soil with jets of up to 38 l/min, at rates from 103 to 178 bar (1,500 to 2,500 psi). The machine features a powerful 40 cm Hg, 90.6 m3/min positive displacement (PD) blower with a custom-designed and optimized filtration system that can handle both digging mediums – air and water – without a bag house. The variable-pressure triplex pump allows the operator to adjust water pressure with the push of a button. For applications where dry digging is preferred, the Prodigy also comes with an optional air excavation system.

Utility companies, utility service contractors and municipalities will appreciate the lighter operating weight and maneuverability of the Prodigy when working in confined spaces. Excavating using either air or water as a digging medium is an added advantage for utility contractors who often require air excavation for locates and line repairs.

The ergonomically-designed control box is located curbside for easy access, efficiency and improved operator safety. Enclosed in an aluminum box, the controls are protected from environmental elements. Controls include a tachometer and hour meter for both chassis and blower, temperature indicators for various systems, water system on/off with multi-flow, complete boom and body dump functions, E-Stop and more. A standard wireless remote puts all of the controls in the operator’s hands.

The compact, lightweight Prodigy can carry up to 2,271 l of water and 4.6 m3 of debris and can perform in the toughest climatic and soil conditions, resulting in more uptime and lower operating costs.

The Vactor HXX Prodigy is available with a PD system that can excavate over longer distances and at greater depths than centrifugal fan systems. The 90.6 m3/min blower and 15 cm hose provide operators with increased performance when compared to smaller trailer units.

Source: Federal Signal Corporation

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