Widening Trailer from Scheuerle Proves Itself in Australia

The TII Group, which also includes Scheuerle, offers a very wide range of reliable and well engineered  width-extendable vehicles. Importantly, these transporters guarantee operators cost-effective operations: then, statutory provisions regarding load distribution on roads and bridges vary considerably depending on country or state-specific legislation. For example, in Australia or North America, it is not unusual that a transport has to cross several state lines and it is possible that the axle spacings or vehicle width must be changed immediately on crossing the border. Doolan's Heavy Haulage is therefore relying very successfully on the Widening Trailer from SCHEUERLE, which also stands out through an extremely high bending moment even when fully extended. 

The Widening Trailer transport system from SCHEUERLE was developed specifically to meet the requirements of the Australian and American markets, with the impressive new “Highway Giant - Dual Lane Trailer” being recently added to the product range. Due to the variable width of the vehicle, the loading area can be adjusted to the suit the size of the cargo.

Furthermore, the distribution of the total weight can be influenced during a transportation assignment so that different regulations can be complied with using just one vehicle. In order to achieve an optimal payload/tare weight ratio, the bogies are manufactured using a solid lightweight construction. Connecting to the tractor is carried out by means of a gooseneck or drawbar. The Widening Trailer relies on the proven pendulum axle technology from Scheuerle. The twin-tire axles are pendulum-mounted on hydraulically lifted rocker arms.

The hydraulic cylinders in the pendulum axles guarantee, on the one hand, larger axle compensation and, on the other, a large displacement volume in order to also be able to drive under and pick up supported loads when in the normal drive position. The Scheuerle pendulum axle mounting, in connection with the precise and smoothly-operating steering system with a steering angle of up to +/- 60°, easy manoeuvring even when negotiating tight bends. 

Transporters from Scheuerle, Nicolas and KAMAG are recognized across the world for their advanced technology and special product quality. Reliability in daily use, high load capacity and a long working life make the vehicles a very important component of modern logistical operations. The history of vehicle technology for heavy transport vehicles is closely connected with the names Scheuerle, Nicolas and KAMAG. The companies combine tradition and innovation, and belong to the company group of the Heilbronn entrepreneur Otto Rettenmaier. The TII Group - Transporter Industry International - is world market leader in the development and manufacture of heavy transport vehicles with payloads of up to 20,000 t.

Source: TII Group - Transporter Industry International

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