DICA Outrigger Pads Gets in on the Act at “The Demo Expo”

In the spirit of The Demo Expo, where attendees can test run utility and construction equipment, DICA’s SafetyTech® Outrigger Pads provided proper setup foundation for many outrigger-enabled machines on display at the ICUEE show.

Made of engineered thermoplastic material, with crush ratings up to 750 psi and maximum allowable load ratings up to 136,000 kg, SafetyTech outrigger pads have a long standing track record of proven safety benefits. Guaranteed to be unbreakable, SafetyTech also provides user-friendly features including indestructible and comfortable TuffGrip® handles and ergonomic corners and edges.

Round SafetyTech Outrigger Pads with TuffGrip® handles are patented in the U.S. and Canada with patents pending on square and rectangular models of SafetyTech Outrigger Pads. Special duty models such as Cavity, Cleated and High-Viz Safety Yellow models provide proven solutions for utility applications.

“DICA has a long history of partnering with OEMs and utilities to develop outrigger pads in specific sizes, shapes, and thicknesses to meet specific application requirements. As early as the 1990s, our founder Dick Koberg regularly sought input from OEMs, such as Altec, Terex Utility, Asplundh, and Schwing,” said Kris Koberg, CEO. “Those OEM relationships and others continue to develop and we are honored that SafetyTech outrigger pads are widely trusted and prominently featured in a large number of OEM booths at ICUEE.”

In addition, DICA was the official Outrigger Pad Sponsor for the Crane Operator & Rigger Championship hosted by Crane Institute Certification, Crane & Rigging Hot Line magazine, and Altec. The only crane operator recognition program of this scale in North America, the Crane Operator & Rigger Skills Competition underscores the role training, certification, and experience plays in safe crane operation. Operators competed on an Altec AC45-127S, set up on SafetyTech DR42-2 outrigger pads.

DICA, Guthrie Center, Iowa, has been specializing in building a better outrigger pad since 1988. By creating engineered solutions for improving equipment stability and ergonomic safety, DICA is leading the way in product innovation for outrigger pads and crane pads. DICA outrigger pads and crane pads are used in 38 countries and on 6 continents around the world in construction, maintenance, electrical utility, oil and gas and tree care as well as local, state and federal government agencies.

Source: DICA

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