Stoltz Redesigns, Strengthens Heavy-Duty Site Spreader

Stoltz Mfg., LLC has redesigned its rugged, versatile 36,287 kg GVWR floater trailer for the 24.5 t pull-type soil stabilization spreader model SS-2518, making it 40% stronger than the previous model.

Featuring a fully welded structural tubular steel frame, the Stoltz floater trailer also has a robust walking beam suspension and 710/50-30.5 floatation tires. Each pneumatically loadable SS-2518 is equipped with a self-contained hydraulic system powered by a tractor’s power take off (PTO). It can also be used with vehicles without a PTO using the optional auxiliary engine.

The SS-2518 is a convenient and cost-effective alternative to a truck mounted cement spreader, said Stoltz president Bernard Hershberger. “Our pull-type spreaders give customers with off-road site work the ability to use scraper tractors they already have in their fleet as the prime mover, saving both time and money.”

Another important advantage of the redesigned SS-2518 spreader is that it can go where trucks often cannot, added Mr. Hershberger. “Large flotation tires on the spreader and powerful tractors work well in soft conditions.” 

Typical cement spreader applications include cold in-place recycling, full depth reclamation and soil stabilization projects used in road building, public works, airport projects, construction sites and remote construction locations. Spreaders can disperse all dry binding agents such as Portland cement, quicklime, fly ash and bentonite.

Like the 24.5 t truck-mounted spreader, the SS-2518 version is computer controlled with the Stoltz Controller, which continuously monitors vehicle ground speed and automatically adjusts the spreader’s output to maintain a constant spread rate, up to an industry-leading 21.7 kgf/m2 at 3.2 km/h. The pull-type Stoltz Site Spreader is also available in a 13.6 t model SS-1516.

Headquartered in Morgantown, Pennsylvania, Stoltz has been producing lime spreaders for agricultural markets since 1945 and soil stabilization binding agent application equipment since 1995. Sold under the Site Spreader® brand name, cement spreaders are available in both truck mounted and pull-type configurations.

Source: Stoltz Mfg., LLC

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