World-Class in Every Respect: The New DD15

After nearly five years and $1,5 billion in development, the new heavy-duty Detroit Diesel DD15 engine was unveiled recently at the Detroit Diesel plant. The DD15 displaces 14,8 l, and is a 6-cylinder, in-line design. It is intended to offer superlative performance in all heavy-duty, North American truck and coach applications, and features best-in-class fuel consumption as well as industry-leading power and performance.

The result of the largest investment ever made in the development of an engine by an engine manufacturer, the DD15 achieves its goals through the application of a new Amplified Common Rail System (ACRS), as well as innovative turbo compounding technology. This engine is the first in a series of new heavy-duty engines from Detroit Diesel which eventually will cover three displacement categories: 12,8 l, 14,8 l and 15,6 l. The DD15 will be offered in output and torque variants from 455 hp to 560 hp and 1550 to 1850 lb ft, including dual torque ratings for special applications.

The DD15 is part of the Heavy-Duty Engine Platform, which will ultimately be manufactured by Daimler Trucks in Germany, Japan and the United States.

In time, engines sharing this design will be available in all Daimler Trucks heavy-duty models around the world, including Mercedes-Benz and Mitsubishi Fuso trucks. Ultimately, this Engine Platform will replace four, distinct, engine series used today by Daimler Trucks brands globally.

The Heavy-Duty Engine Platform features 90% globally shared parts. Engine development and production are being managed on an international level to further facilitate efficiencies.

With its combination of exhaust gas recirculation and a particulate filter for reduced emissions, the DD15 is tailored to North America's EPA '07 emissions regulations, and its advanced design will make it ready to take on the upcoming EPA 2010 standards with a simple downstream selective catalytic reduction (SCR) device that optimizes fuel efficiency while reducing harmful NOx emissions.

One of the central attributes of the new DD15 is clean and efficient fuel combustion. This is based on the first electronically-controlled ACRS used in commercial vehicles. This type of high-pressure injection system with a common rail system inherently runs quietly. ACRS is the first common rail system that controls the entire injection sequence at any operating point. As the highest pressure is only generated in the injectors, the injection processes are extremely stable. This results in quiet, refined operation with low fuel consumption and reduced emissions.

The performance of the DD15 is due in part to the combination of a turbocharger with intercooler and turbo compounding technology. At the rated engine speed of the DD15, the turbine reaches a rotation speed of more than 40 000 rpm. Power is transferred to the gear drive, and therefore to the crankshaft, via a shaft and a hydrodynamic coupling. This arrangement produces a uniform and smooth crankshaft rotation despite the higher torque. Additionally, fuel consumption is reduced by up to 5% compared with a similarly specified Series 60.

Source: Detroit Diesel


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