Eaton Introduces New Series of Servo-Controlled Axial Piston Pumps for Mobile Equipment

Eaton Corporation has added a new series of servo-controlled axial piston pumps with displacements of 41 cm3, 49 cm3 and 62 cm3 to 41 cm3, 49 cm3 and 62 cm3 to the line of Char-Lynn® products offered by Eaton's Hydraulics Operations. Intended primarily for mobile applications, the new 350 Series pumps are available in single and dual pump configurations for medium-duty hydrostatic circuits.

350 Series pumps typically are combined with an Eaton motor to supply hydraulic power for propulsion and operating on-vehicle equipment. They meet the increased power requirements of equipment in the agricultural, construction, and utility markets, and offer a wide variety of installation options to meet global machine design requirements.

Rated at 280 bar (4000 psi) for continuous operation, and 380 bar (5500 psi) maximum pressure, 350 Series pumps offer up to 75 hp through put shaft capability in a compact, short, 398,6 mm package. This pressure capability, coupled with high allowable input speed 3600 r/min, along with a compact package gives 350 Series pumps an exceptionally high power density that is a key requirement of mobile applications.

Large diameter 14-tooth, 15 -tooth and tapered input shafts are mounted on tapered roller bearings to ensure long life and efficient operation. In addition, needle bearings are used under the swash plate to reduce control hysteresis and improve reliability by improving temperature control and contamination resistance.

Other standard features include a choice of same side or opposite side main work ports, a symmetrical four-bolt design and durable, efficient polyacrylate shaft seals. Mounting flanges are offered in SAE B and C configurations and ports are offered in SAE, ISO tube and flange and STC direct port versions. Opposite or same side port versions are available to facilitate plumbing and help the pump fit the greatest possible range of machine space needs. An integral gerotor charge pump with up to four different displacement sizes is also available to facilitate either remote or inlet charge filter options.

Because they are intended primarily for mobile applications, Eaton engineers paid particular attention to minimizing operating noise. For example, a serviceable, bimetal valve plate is used to improve pump filling characteristics which, in turn, reduces fluid-borne noise and extends pump life. The pump housing and swash plate are also engineered to minimize noise and vibration.

Source: Eaton Corporation

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