Chevron Conveyor Belt for Pelican® and Eagle® Sweepers

Elgin Sweeper, the leading manufacturer of street sweepers, has introduced the high-performance Chevron conveyor belt for Elgin Pelican® and Eagle® broom sweepers. The revolutionary design on the new conveyor belt provides improved debris pickup, longer wear and quieter operation.

"The Chevron conveyor belt is a perfect example of Elgin Sweeper's commitment to producing innovative OEM parts that provide superior sweeping performance in all operating conditions and environments, greater value to our customers and longer life," said John Perillo, parts product manager for Elgin Sweeper.

Featuring an angled cleat design, the Chevron conveyor belt throws debris into the center of the hopper for better hopper fill. "Debris on the Chevron conveyor belt naturally moves toward the center, so there is more even distribution of debris in the hopper, allowing the operator to continue to sweep for longer periods of time without stopping to dump debris," Perillo said.

"The angled cleat design on the new Chevron belt also allows the cleat to move progressively over the rollers. This eliminates the thumping noise commonly associated with standard conveyor belts, lowers overall operation noise and improves operator comfort," Perillo said.

Debris spill-over is also reduced with the Chevron belt, due to the 0.50-inch square top on the integrally molded cleat. The chamfered base on the cleat provides greater resistance to flex cracking, which can cause belt failure. Taller ribs between the cleats on the Chevron belt provide for a more effective conveyance of fine debris particles into the hopper.

Composed of a new, stretch-resistant poly/nylon fabric, the Chevron conveyor belt provides improved tracking, resulting in less downtime required for belt adjustment.

Bottom cover material reduces belt sticking

"The improved cover compound on the Chevron conveyor belt reduces belt sticking caused by surface corrosion on conveyor rails and rollers," Perillo said. "This new material also provides greater resistance to abrasion from rollers or any debris on them, which is another key factor in extending belt life."

Source: Elgin Sweeper

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