Track and Analyze Fuel Use and Guard Against Fuel Theft

OEM Data Delivery has introduced an intuitive, easy to use tracking system for fuel and other high-value consumables.

Radio Pump Tracker is a wireless, paperless technology that IDs each vehicle and the fuel dispensed to it, in real time. After dispensing, a hand-held device or PC captures vehicle hours, odometer readings and gallons dispensed from the Pump Tracker.

Radio Pump Tracker allows management to track fuel consumed per hour, per machine, and quickly flags aberrations.

Radio Pump Tracker facilitates calculations and analysis for use in audits and resource planning. Because it stores each machine's history, it is also an excellent tool for scheduling maintenance that is based on fuel consumed, or hours in service.

Radio Pump Tracker is an efficient tool for managing critical consumables with full accountability, and a valuable tool for preventing the dispensing of fuel into unauthorized vehicles. It is controlled through a user-friendly interface.

The system is compact in size, and installs easily on pumps and trucks. A pulse flow meter is installed into the fuel plumbing and connected via a harness to the pump tracker enclosure. The process takes about 3 hours.

Training is also quick, typically requiring about a day for fuel truck operators, service professionals, vehicle operators and others to become fully capable with all functions.

Source: OEM Data Delivery

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