Stratos Reinforces the Frontier!


The Windsor-Detroit frontier may be lightly defended by Canada, but there is a force to be reckoned with combating danger on the streets of Windsor.

Drivers and residents of Canada's "Motown" can be confident that roadways and bridges will be safe to traverse thanks to the Schmidt Stratos winter maintenance equipment employed by the City and its contractors.

Reflecting upon the success of last year's introduction of this equipment to the contractor fleets, the Windsor Public Works Department purchased two new carrier vehicles and two Stratos spreaders to augment their winter armada for 2008. After reviewing in-service equipment, contractor practices and material consumption parameters, they decided that current technology equipment was required to allow them to provide full service coverage and critical response capabilities. Part of this requirement would also include the use of GPS spreading software (Autologic), to improve reliability and repeatability as the units progressed through a given route.

As with any new venture there is some trepidation, however, the fact that both primary city contractors chose Stratos in 2006/07, made the selection less difficult. Having proven their reliability, ease of maintenance and simplicity of operation, made the Stratos CL control machines a straightforward choice.

Moving into the winter maintenance season the contractor fleets are being cleaned, serviced and prepared to work in conjunction with the city plan. The Public Works fleet has received its new carriers and will be finishing preparations and training in time for the first event.

Windsor Public Works, Standing On Guard For... ice, snow and slippery carriageways!

Source: Schmidt North America

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