New Brake and Clutch Lining Lasts 3 to 5 Times Longer!

Tribco Inc. offers brake pads and clutch plates that last three to five times longer than what they replace because they are lined with Braketex® or Clutchtex® - the world's first and only 100% KEVLAR fiber composite friction lining.

According to Tribco, the 100% non-asbestos lining is ideal for all construction industry friction applications. This includes both wet or dry brakes, clutches, PTOs and power transmissions used on construction vehicles and other equipment.

In addition to longer wear life, Tribco's 100% KEVLAR lining takes heavier loads, withstands higher temperatures and engages more smoothly. It is also nonabrasive and won't scratch or score rotors, drums or flywheels in dry clutches and brakes.

Tribco's Braketex/Clutchtex lining has been performance proven in thousands of friction applications worldwide. This includes aerospace, agriculture, aviation, construction, defense, forestry, manufacturing, marine, metal forming, mining, packaging, paper, printing and trucking industry applications to name just a few.

The company stocks replacement brake pads or plates and clutch facings for many common construction vehicle and equipment applications. Tribco will also reline used plates and disks or will custom fabricate new parts to order.

Source: Tribco Inc.

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