Anderol Specialty Lubricants
Help Buzzimarine Racers Capture 2008 Victories

The waves, the weather and the grueling pace make offshore racing one of the most punishing tests of high performance. This year, designer, engineer and champion Fabio Buzzi has proven to be the man with the edge: his marine racers have won two of the biggest challenges of the high seas - The Round Britain Offshore Powerboat Race and the Cowes-Torquay-Cowes Race. His long-time technical partner, Anderol Specialty Lubricants, protected the engines.

On June 30th, Vassilis Pateras and his crew aboard the Buzzi-designed Blue FPT FB won The Round Britain Offshore Powerboat Race - one of the longest and toughest anywhere - at 1164 nautical miles (2155 km). It swept to victory over 47 competitors in 20:36:47, at an average speed of 56,47 kn.

Then, on August 23rd, Fabio Buzzi and his crew piloted the Red FPT FB to win the prestigious Cowes-Torquay-Cowes Race, in a breathtaking, 337 km nonstop nail-biter at isle of Wight, on the English South Coast. They beat 37 other contenders - several who never finished. The final two competitors were bow-to-bow, until Red FPT FB pulled ahead by just four seconds - a stunning, record-breaking win at 2:18:9.

Team Buzzi does not leave those four seconds to chance. "Fabio Buzzi wins by pushing every high performance advantage he has - including Anderol Specialty Lubricants," says Patrick Meyer, Anderol Italia sales manager. Since marine engines take a brutal pounding in these races, Buzzi lubricated his four Fiat Powertrain Technologies N67 turbodiesels with high-performance Anderol Specialty Lubricants. As Technical sponsor of Team Buzzi, Anderol Specialty Lubricants, a Division of Chemtura Corporation, makes specialty fluids for heavy-duty service, for aviation, industrial, refrigeration as well as marine applications - anywhere lubricants need an extra edge.

Fabio Buzzi, holder of 52 racing titles and 48 speed records, has had Anderol on his team for a long time. Fighting angry seas, he conquered the 2004 Tampa-Miami Race - 513 km of extreme conditions - with Anderol Specialty Lubricants protecting his two Isotta Fraschini 12-cylinder, 1300-hp Evolution turbo diesels. He shattered the standing speed record, bringing in his FB Design monohull at 2:36:7, at an average speed of 84,19 kn. Just prior to the Florida competition, Fabio Buzzi also won the AmericanWord Apba and Superboat Offshore Championship.

Source: Chemtura Corporation

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