3WD Crete Rod Delivers Concrete Across the Most Challenging Terrains




Crete Rod introduces a powerful all-wheel drive material handler that delivers its payload across even the most demanding terrains, including tight quarters with limited access. The nimble, 3-wheeled workhorse was designed from the ground up to overcome the limitations of using concrete buggies, pumps and skid steers for material hauling.

The Crete Rod serves as a low-profile equipment option and has a low center of gravity for stability. Its long wheelbase, coupled with all-wheel hydro-static drive and hydraulic cylinder-driven rack and pinion steering deliver unparalleled stability, maneuverability, efficiency and versatility.

A 3-cylinder Kubota Tier 4 diesel engine and variable displacement axial piston hydraulic pumps provide ample power, allowing the Crete Rod to deliver 1 m3 of concrete precisely where it is needed. Weighing just 1,088 kg, the highly maneuverable Crete Rod is easy to load and unload from trailers, simplifying transport from job to job.

The low discharge height greatly reduces the splash for a cleaner pour and a faster clean-up.

The Crete Rod moves concrete and other building materials across varied terrains and in restricted spaces like indoor and outdoor construction sites, bridge construction projects, mining facilities, landscape contracting projects, and more. 

Source: Material Haulers, Inc.

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