The Game Changer in Crawler Cranes; Ideal in Tight Spots




The PCC 57.002 crawler crane from PALFINGER works well in limited space, can shift (or “walk”) on its outriggers and can be operated electrically. It is perfect for indoor jobs, such as – in this case – the removal of escalators.

Maneuvering the PALFINGER crawler crane PCC 57.002 through the main entrance of an Austrian furniture store was easy work thanks to its compact dimensions – just 1.9 m wide by 2.1 m high – and precision steering with the PALcom P7 radio remote control. The machine easily navigated through the 2.2 m-high entry area. Once inside, the crane unfolded to its full size – just like a transformer. Its mission: the removal of 2 escalators.

The PCC 57.002 is ideal for use in very restricted spaces. Its crane unit can be operated and controlled independently of its crawler chassis. The crawler crane can also “shift” on its own outriggers, enabling it to navigate low passageways, and always be optimally balanced and stabilized.

All these features meant that the PCC 57.002 was the perfect choice for this project. Without this crane, the escalators would have been cut up – a noisy, dusty and time-consuming process that would have restricted the store’s opening hours.

“Especially in building construction, you are constantly faced with new challenges where you reach your limits and have to develop whole new concepts and solutions to achieve your objectives,” said STRABAG construction technician Michael Eisshofer.

Once inside the store, the unit was switched from diesel to electric mode and performed immediately. Thanks to the crane’s outreaches of 12 and 7 m, both escalators, each weighing 5 t, were effortlessly removed.

“We opted for the PALFINGER crawler crane because the building could be accessed only through a very, very narrow doorway, so it was the only solution,” said Mr. Eisshofer.

Source: Palfinger AG

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