eleven-X Launches Wireless Parking Stall Occupancy Monitoring Sensor




eleven-x, a Canadian supplier of wireless IoT solutions including smart parking technology, recently announced the launch of the eleven-x SPS-X, a wireless, real-time, smart parking sensor for stall-based occupancy monitoring.

A game changer for municipalities, campuses and parking organizations of all types looking to better understand parking usage and occupancy trends, eleven-x’s patent-pending SPS-X will be essential to deriving greater value from existing and future parking assets.

The new LoRaWAN® based sensor, developed by eleven-x, provides an accurate, reliable and highly cost effective way to enable real-time guidance to available spaces, improve compliance through directed enforcement, as well as monitoring occupancy to determine what parking stalls are in use, how long vehicles are parking in them, and at what times over the course of a day, week or month. The data is captured and can then be used to develop a parking profile which helps organizations understand true occupancy patterns, identify parking trends and adjust their policies and strategies to optimize revenues, improve operations, increase compliance, and eliminate friction in the overall parking experience.

“The use of real-time sensor-based stall occupancy monitoring is really the next evolution for cities and organizations as it can provide a clear understanding of parking space activity,” said Domenic Sorbara, consultant at Dsorbara Parking and Systems Consulting. “Accurate and consistent data that is inclusive of all types of parking stalls, including on-street and surface lots which have been traditionally difficult to monitor, will enable organizations to not only meet customer expectations, but exceed them in a cost-effective manner.”

“Parking is a major area of focus for cities and organizations looking to optimize the experience of drivers in their community, which in turn drives real benefits in terms of economic development and reduced congestion. Upgrading existing infrastructure with real-time parking guidance, an ability to implement data-driven compliance and better plan for future parking requirements are all core to improving this experience. Real-time stall occupancy status updates, historical data collection and parking performance data and analytics will be key to understanding overall parking needs,” said Dan Mathers, president and CEO of eleven-x. “Our primary focus with the new SPS-X sensor is to help municipalities and organizations generate actionable solutions. That could mean implementing or adjusting dynamic pricing programs, adding real-time parking guidance, adding or removing on-street parking spaces, reassessing parking-related capital projects or simply adjusting the time of day that parking is allowed in certain areas. All of these result in tangible benefits to managing the overall parking experience.”

The SPS-X sensor uses a combination of magnetic, radar and Bluetooth technologies, in addition to cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI), creating a solution delivering industry-leading accuracy and reliability.

Source: eleven-x Inc.

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