Advanced Dust Filtration System
for the Madvac 61 Litter Collector

The Madvac 61 advanced 2-micron dust filtration system virtually eliminates dust during vacuum litter collection. Operators can now pick-up litter outdoors as well as indoors. A two-stage dust filtration system prevents litter from passing through the fan unlike other systems that allow litter to travel through the vacuum fan. This tends to clog and damage the vacuum fan and fan drive resulting in costly downtime and repairs.

The Madvac 61 vacuum compacts heavy-duty litter such as: cans, bottles, newspaper, plastic, cigarette filters, plastic bags from landfills, train tracks, construction sites, streets, parks, highways and garages. It collects approximately 100 to 120 gallons of litter with a hose length of up to 40 ft.

The new Madvac 61 provides effective litter collection capabilities in previously unworkable grounds and/or labor-intensive projects.

Source: Johnston Madvac Inc.

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