A GMC TopKick C5500 4WD For The Public Works Department of Otterburn Park

The Municipality of Otterburn Park, south of Montreal, last Fall took delivery of a GMC TopKick C5500 4WD truck for its Public works department.

Cartier GMC has delivered 15 trucks similar to this one since the launch of the 4x4 model for 2005. This medium duty truck has proven to be a very popular choice amongst public works departments. The TopKick C5500 4WD, are available in a variety of wheelbases and measure up well against the competition in a number of areas.

They offer superior off-road performance, outstanding maneuverability, stronger frames, larger disc brakes front and rear, and are available in Crew Cab, Regular and Commercial Cutaway Chassis Cabs.

This particular truck is equipped with a complete snow removal package manufactured by Le Groupe SRG Inc. located in Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts. The equipment package includes a dump body / spreader box, a reversible snow plow, a side wing and a low profile harness.

This rugged yet agile truck is able to handle snow removal, recreational area and park maintenance and day to day road maintenance operation in this small city that prouds itself to stay at the forefront of the technology.

Since the early 1990's, Otterburn Park has been concerned with the amount of salt being used on its roads. In the period from 1995 to 2000, the city was successful in reducing its total salt use through improved training, better plowing practices and the use of pre-wetted salt.

Since 1983, Le Groupe SRG has manufactured and designed many types of municipal equipment for vehicles of 8000 kg to 37 000 kg GVW.

Le Groupe SRG manufactures dump bodies, delivery platforms, as well as "U" and "V" shaped salt spreaders. In addition to manufacturing their own equipment, Le Groupe SRG installs and repairs all brands of equipment, all under the same roof.

Source: Le Centre du Camion Cartier GMC,
Gilles Corriveau, (418) 847-6000

Le Groupe SRG Inc.,
Robert Montpetit, (819) 326-4896


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