The VEI Helper 21 is made for the most demanding tasks


The new VEI Helper 21 is the most advanced loader scale ever made for weighing and managing data production. The Helper 21 is not only a weighing system but a complete Payload Management solution that combines a user-friendly interface with the most advanced technology.

Its unique touch screen display makes it easy to access customers list, products, truck identification, transporters and much more. If you load, blend or manage stockpiles of materials and require data on where it's coming from and where it's going to, the Helper 21 is made for you.

The Helper 21 cellular modem allows data to be transferred directly to your office without operator involvement. From the office you can call the Helper 21 and retrieve in seconds all the data of the day, week or month!

The blending mode allows the batching of different products under one recipe name. A security system incorporated in the Helper 21 can block access to unauthorized operators. Data can be printed on VEI's thermal printer, the fastest on the market, and data can be transfered to a PC via USB-Ikeys. The Helper 21 offers ultimate accuracy of ±1% while weighing in motion and use the revolutionary VEI dynamic accuracy stability control.

Today, on-site data must be linked to other vital management data which are part of the business logistics. Data must be analyzed and optimized in order to reduce costs and increase profitability. The Helper 21 brings more value to your weighing data.

Source: RMT Équipement


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