Rancor Gets 'Cracking' with AwJaw Bucket Crusher


Rancor Wood Recycling, from Belleville, Ontario, was started in 1992 as a recycler of demolition wood, producing wood chips. What was once sent to the landfill is now being reused for the horticultural and other markets. Soon, Rancor was asked to handle other construction and demolition waste products, like concrete.

The problem for Rancor's operators, Harold, Randy and Bruce Corfield, was what to do with this material? The solution was found with the AwJaw Bucket Crusher that crushes demolition concrete into an aggregate product that Rancor can market. Reducing even more waste from landfills and helping to make Rancor one of Ontario's largest processors of demolition waste.

The AwJaw Bucket Crusher, distributed by The St. George Company, turns an excavator into a professional crush plant. Inside the bucket, massive jaws reduce concrete, brick or rock into aggregate from 6" minus down to 3/4" minus. The bucket's wide jaw open design allows it to handle concrete with rebar, wire mesh and other foreign objects with ease.

The St. George Company Ltd. has been distributing innovative products for construction, forestry and agriculture for 25 years. Headquartered in Paris, Ontario, with a satellite office in Foremost, Alberta, The St. George Company Ltd provides sales and service for a range of AwJaw Bucket Crushers to fit most excavators.

Source: The St. George Company Ltd.

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