Remote Control System Offers Operator Comfort, Efficiency


Loader operators who want to minimize worksite environment discomforts or who work in applications that require two or more people, now have a solution - the loader radio remote control system from Bobcat Company.

The innovative Bobcat® loader radio remote control system enhances the capabilities of Bobcat skid-steer and compact track loaders with selectable joystick controls (SJC) and Bobcat all-wheel steer (AWS) loaders, offering a simple solution for customers who want to operate their loader remotely.

Operators can start the loader engine and operate the drive, lift, tilt and auxiliary hydraulic functions from approximately 450 m away with the radio remote control transmitter. The transmitter joystick controls activate the loader's joystick controls in the ISO control pattern. The system is useable for up to 15 hours on a rechargeable battery. In addition to being able to use the system in various climate conditions, operators can easily switch between "remote" control mode and "machine/direct" control mode.

Bobcat representatives say the radio remote control system option will be attractive to customers in several markets, including military, government, construction, landscaping and agriculture. Other possible markets include shipping yards (for ship and barge unloading), nuclear power plants, foundries, mining, chemical plants and municipalities. Concrete demolition, asphalt planing, firebreak construction, stump removal and poultry barn cleanup are just a few applications in which customers could utilize the Bobcat loader radio remote control system.

The advantage of the loader radio remote control system is that one person can now perform the same work while standing at a safe distance from the loader, thus minimizing those jobsite discomforts and increasing productivity at the same time.

The system, which has a maximum operation loader travel speed of 10 km/h, is approved for use with dozens of different Bobcat attachments. However, the Bobcat loader radio remote control system is not approved for certain types of hazardous or explosive environments.

The Bobcat loader radio remote control system is easy to install and portable so customers with multiple machines in their fleet can quickly transfer the system from one Bobcat loader to another.

Safety features include a tilt sensor that stops the loader engine if the transmitter is tilted over 45° in any direction. Transmitter joystick controls have a return to neutral feature. Red-colored emergency stop buttons are located on the transmitter and an E-stop box is affixed to the rear of the loader. Flashing green and amber strobe lights and horn for start-up and operation.

The system complies with ISO 15817 earthmoving machinery safety requirements for remote operator control.

Source: Bobcat Company

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