Ingersoll Rand Introduces Truck-mounted Air Compressors

Ingersoll Rand introduces two new truck-mounted reciprocating air compressors - the diesel-powered VHP40RMD and gas-powered VHP40RMG.

Both units are designed to fit on standard-sized utility trucks, and both are powered by efficient, dependable Kubota engines. The engines in both units are three-cylinder, four-stroke engines.

The units are equipped with an air receiver and fuel tank module as standard equipment. The module has two 20 cm air tanks that are permanently piped together and have a total capacity of 78 l. A 35 l fuel tank sits between the two receiver tanks. This module has been designed to fit under the unit, so it does not increase the unit footprint. For units not ordered with this air receiver and fuel tank module, it is also available as an aftermarket accessory.

Equipped with the air receiver and fuel tank module, the VHP40RMD and VHP40RMG are fully self-contained units. Each compressor has a battery for 12 V startup, sophisticated engine and airend cooling built into the unit, and a full sheet metal enclosure to protect the internal components from potential weather damage. All major internal components are attached to an isolated sub-base to minimize vibration to the vehicle carrying the compressor.

Both compressors provide a free-air delivery of 1100 l/min at a rated operating pressure of 12 bar. An industry-leading, two-stage Ingersoll Rand air pump is standard on both models.

A number of features are built into the VHP40RMD and VHP40RMG air compressors that keep the units operating efficiently and make maintenance as simple as possible. A single-point lifting bail makes transferring the unit from one vehicle to another a simple procedure. The instrumentation and controls make these units easy to operate. Reduced operating cost and noise is provided by a two-position throttle system. An air restriction indicator alerts the operator when the air filter needs to be changed. Oil drains are easily accessible for easy maintenance.

The VHP40RMD and the VHP40RMG have lengths of 121 cm, widths of 55 cm and heights of 76 cm. Both air compressors have an operating weight of 329 kg.

Source: Ingersoll Rand


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