Leica Geosystems' PowerBlade Machine Control


Economical and easy to use, the Leica PowerBlade machine control system offers cost-saving laser-based grade solutions for every budget. PowerBlade systems offer a building-block approach to fit today's most cost-conscious needs while easily adding more features. Starting with the MLS700 Laser Sensor, PowerBlade offers a precise, rugged laser sensor with easy-to-see LED grade displays that may be used as a stand-alone indicator for the operator. Add the easy-to use MCP700 Panel and a hydraulic valve package for time-saving automatic grade control. For maximum savings, add the optional MPM700 Electric Mast for easy grade changes from the cab and advanced land-leveling functions to tackle the most complex jobs.

Leica PowerBlade is compatible with all types of lasers and machines such as scrapers, dozers and agricultural tractors.

The MLS700 Laser Receiver is totally waterproof (IP68) and uses a large, bright see-at-a-glance LED display so it may be used as a stand-alone indicator or with the MCP700 Control Panel and suitable valve for full automatic control. The MLS700 Laser Receiver has a 360° capture range, with a measurement window of 190 mm and selectable tolerances for rough or fine grading.

The MCP700 Control Panel is rugged and waterproof (IP65) with a large, bright see-at-a-glance LED display, even in strong sunlight. Two easy to use toggle switches let operators control automatic or manual mode and raise or lower the blade. With the optional MPM700 Electric Mast, the MCP700 Control Panel features additional functions for more complex grading tasks. A lift function allows the operator to temporarily lift the blade without leaving automatic mode and return to the original grade at the flip of a switch. This is especially helpful for coarse grading when large amounts of dirt are moved. A survey function provides the height information of a defined area including an average height function to make land leveling a simple task. The small size of the MCP700 Control Panel makes it easy to install on any machine.

The optional MPM-700 Electric Mast is designed for tough and demanding construction environments. With a four-foot range of travel and the additional lift and survey functions in the MCP700 Control Panel, the MPM700 Electric Mast is ready for the most demanding sites.

Source: Leica Geosystems

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