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For centuries, instruments such as the abacus and the counting frame have been created to help mankind measure every aspect of life. The advent of automation at the turn of the 20th century led to digital technology by the turn of this century. Now IT (Information Technology) has brought on entire systems to process information.

Since 1985, LUQS has developed a range of civil engineering software tools, most notably in calculating project estimates. The prime directive in the development of these tools has been to follow strict rules while both working in a group and maintaining building codes. The first commercial software, GESQAN, was originally developed on a DOS platform but is now available for Windows. This product caught on very quickly, first with clients in Quebec, then throughout North America. Since then, however, new more refined technology has made the market more competitive. To keep up with market demands, we have found a new approach that meets the increasingly high standards of technology. And so, we have developed ProjEst.

ProjEst is a project management program. It leads the project through a system that allows every aspect of a company's management process to contribute to the calculation of the estimate. ProjEst has a framework that is open to a number of features:

- Networkability: it is adaptable to other software tools.

- Portability: it can be used on a variety of platforms.

- Compatibility: it is suitable for new and old working environments.

- Validity: it conforms to the standards and needs of the industry.

- Verifiability: it has a simple verification system.

- Integrity: it protects data from unauthorized access.

- Reliability: it correctly manages internal errors.

- Maintainability: it is easy to adapt and modify.

- Reusability: it can apply the same data to numerous projects.

- Extensibility: it can easily extend to other functions.

- Efficiency: it makes the most effective use of its functions.

- Autonomy: it controls its own operation.

- Transparency: it can mask out details that are irrelevant to the project.

- Composability: it can analyze information from a number of sources.

- User-friendliness: it is easy to learn, easy to use.

ProjEst is the ultimate Decision Support System. In the short and medium term, it will become a tool to help any company collect, consolidate, model and restore their data in order to calculate costs and come to the right decisions. ProjEst answers a wide range of pertinent questions by presenting a choice of possibilities. It is a diagnostic tool that will help make strategic decisions in an uncertain climate.

ProjEst is a software innovation with a competitive advantage that responds to market needs. Its development aims to perpetuate competition by becoming a pillar of the industry.

L'Ordre des technologues professionnels du Québec (OTPQ) has recognized the innovative qualities of ProjEst by honoring LUQS president Guy Jobin the "Mérite de l'innovation technologique 2006-2007" award for excellence in technological innovation; a testament to their continued teamwork and synergy between developer and client.

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