Montreal Chosen as North American Headquarters for Supavac Pumps


Robert Spicer, president of Supavac Canada Inc. is pleased to announce that Supavac's new North American headquarters will be located in Montreal. Julian Waingortin, MBA was recently appointed as general manager.

Supavac® solids pumps reliably transfer sludge, slurries and even sand and rock where submersible, centrifugal and diaphragm pumps cannot. Advanced vacuum loading pressure discharge technology is the key to the successful operation of these pumps.

With no rotating parts or electricity and with no moving parts in direct contact with the flow, extremely high reliability has been the experience. Not normally having to add makeup water to pump most sludge and slurries is a major savings in water usage, haulage and process costs.

Applications include: abrasive slurries; muck; drilling mud waste and cuttings; hydrocarbon sludge; sand and rock; effluent; corrosive sludge and hazardous waste.

While new to Canada, this patented Australian technology has been the choice of major players like Halliburton since the last century. Big pumps and systems are available for rental and purchase at authorized dealers and Supavac. For more information and to view videos of pumps in action, please visit

Source: Supavac Canada Inc.


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