Havator Group Reaches A New Dimensions in Personal Lifts


Havator Group has increased its fleet with the acquisition of two Wumag WT 1000 personal lifts that have the highest reach of all lifts existing in the world. Their maximum working height is 102,5 m (cage floor height 100,5 m) and outreach is 36 m (200 kg). The chassis is that of a five-axle All-Terrain crane.

In addition to this, Havator Group bought at the same time one Wumag WT 530 lift that has a maximum working height of 53 m. "We had a need for this additional investment because our aim is to fulfill all customer needs", stated Havator Group chairman of the board Erkki Hanhirova. "These new lifts enable us to get straight inside steel constructions in horizontal direction which saves building expense of scaffolding remarkably. Besides, these machines function excellently for example in maintenance work of wind mills and high city locations where traffic and street environment set their own limits and challenges", he added.

Havator Group is the biggest group in Scandinavia offering lifting services, special transport and dock crane services. Havator Group operates in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Russia and the Baltic countries.

Source: WUMAG GmbH

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