Produits Hevea of Richmond
Is Expanding


The enterprise Produits Hevea is continuing to expand since its birth in 1991, continuing to improve it has completed two projects which will increase its market share in the areas of anti vibration pads for, sky scrapers and metro systems above and below ground, and bridge bearing pads for bridge construction and viaducts.

The president of the company, Jean-Paul Deslauriers has recently completed a 230 m2 expansion project which has improved his office space making them more spacious and functional. This expansion of the enterprise located in the Richmond Industrial Park in the Eastern Townships now boasts over 5000 m2, which originally had only 600 m2.

Secondly, Produits Hevea has added another important element to its company by purchasing a new enterprise in Montreal-North, Azur Rubber. This company employing fifteen workers specializing in joints for Hydro Electric dams and has now been added to our list of products manufactured by our eastern plant.

The new product that we do not have in Richmond and therefore the Montreal facility containing 1100 m2 will have to be enlarged. This expansion will start after this coming holiday season. The improvements will include replacing the presses to increase the momentum and efficiency of production says Mr. Deslauriers.

At this location we will continue to produce the aforementioned joints for the Hydra Electric dams. Coming back to the parent company in Richmond it will continue to employ approximately thirty people in two shifts.

We have experienced excellent progression and will continue to concentrate our efforts in research and development of new products in cooperation with Civil Engineering department of Sherbrooke University to remain at the cutting edge of technology he explained. We will continue our pursuit of cooperation with engineering firms who act on our behalf as distributers of our products. The company's aim is to continue targeting world markets in the construction of bridges, buildings and municipal infrastructure. Bridge bearing pads will however continue to be our principal item of production remarked the president of Produits Hevea.


Specializations and Products
From the start of its operations, 17 years ago, Produits Hevea has always specialized in the conception, development and the manufacturing of anti vibration products composed of rubber and steel. The procedure used is the vulcanization under compression.

Other products this family enterprise has developed include numerous household items, snow plow blades that have revolutionized the snow removal of roads and streets by replacing the traditional steel blades.

We also manufacture cushioned stair covers under the trade name "Flex Step" These stair coverings are very popular product at Produits Hevea. This slip proof product was developed to cover stairs or steps of wood, metal or concrete. It is an excellent solution for homes, offices, apartment buildings, commercial enterprises and public institutions giving them a safe solution to the winter season .These rubber embossed coverings are a valued asset year round and in winter rendering a safer situation in extreme cold weather down to -40ºC. Over and above their value in the winter they also allow for quieter use. They are easy to install and maintain and no deicing products are needed. The Flex Step is available in black, grey and beige. At Produits Hevea we also manufacture Flex Step mats for decks and verandas.

Other Products:
Produits Hevea also produce dispensing wheels for calcium application to roads and rubber seals for truck boxes as well as rubber leveling rings for man whole covers. It also manufactures posts for bicycle paths and elastomeric plates and an all new product , ramps to level the entrance and exits of loading docks. In short Produits Hevea can manufacture any product composed of rubber and steel according to the client's specifications.

World Markets
In closing pleas note that one can find numerous products made by Produits Hevea at all four corners of the world. Amongst those include items on the drilling rigs Hibernia and Terra Nova offshore from Newfoundland, the BC Transit system in Vancouver, the Centre for the Organization of Civil Aviation in Montreal, the Toronto Metro, the Olympic Stadium Sydney Australia, the Congress Center in Montreal, the Bell Center in Montreal, Olympic Stadium Montreal, the Confederation Bridge to Prince Edward Island and numerous bridges in Canada, India and Taiwan amongst others.

Source: Produits Hévéa Inc.


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