Atlas Copco MG 1500 Increases Productivity in India


Falcon Infrastructures Ltd is regarded as India's pioneer leader in establishing logistic space and service centers. At the new fully integrated Container Fright Station near Cochin , the AC Multi Grapple MG 1500 plays a decisive role in the transshipping of scrap materials.

It is India's first CFS facility to offer 360° solutions for logistic business: with a 800 TEU stocking yard capacity, Falcon Infrastructures Ltd heralds a new era for reloading points on the booming subcontinent. With regard to the project's planning, the switch from the assignment of manual manpower to the integration of machinery set out for maximum performance.

In daily business it is the MG 1500 to make the difference. Handling automotive waste, metal extrusions and scaling waste, as well as construction and demolition waste, the grapple is best suited for the 20 ton excavator. Productivity increased tenfold in the field. While 6 or even 8 employees were once needed to load one truck per day, meanwhile one MG 1500 makes sure that 2 employees, including the excavator operator, are enabled to load up to 10 trucks - during one day's work. Considering the bisection of deployment one could also speak of a twentyfold production's increase.

Falcon Infrastructures Managing Director, N A Muhammed kutty, has good reason for attesting the varied advantages of the MG 1500: short cycle times, impressive closing forces and a hydraulic rotary drive to accelerate accurate positioning - features that come along with superior capacity. Speaking about capacity, there's a simple way to name and measure the MG 1500 powers: the lifting capacity of the excavator meets the lifting capacity of the Multi Grapple.

The recent experiences in the Indian transshipping business suggest similar productivity gains for further MG 1500 missions, also besides sorting and loading. Demolition of masonry, wooden structures and light concrete, scrap handling for ports and airports, the boulder positioning for breakwaters on jetties or the lifting and placing of heavy pipes for pipeline jobs - the MG 1500 appears as a first-rate talent for a wide range of applications, raising productivity.

Source: Atlas Copco


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