Things Are Heating-Up at Niveltex


It is possible to see a completely renewed website. It now includes testimonials of niveltex grid users. Those users came from three different activity areas: golf sites, for modeling and maintenance; landscaping; and asphalt repair.

Recently in Sherbrooke, Niveltex demonstrated the grid's possibilities in asphalt repair. They spread and rolled 5 tons of asphalt over a 3 m x 20 m area in 17 minutes. This showed the enormous cost saving possibilities offered by using the Niveltex grid over manual labor. Finally, the possibility to run on smooth road is not out of reach in Quebec...

Niveltex now offers a new grid format of 1,67 m x 0,91 m, and a new three-points hitch to attach the grid to an agricultural tractor.

There is also a new grid especially designed for road shoulder maintenance work. This model provides elimination of dirt and gravel ruts created by the snow plow during winter time. The service center of the Ministry of Transport in Ormstown, Quebec, have now integrated the Niveltex grid among their favorite maintenance tools.

For now, Niveltex grids are available direct from the factory. However, an agreement has been signed with Suncoast Metal Works Inc., in Florida, for distribution in southeastern United States.

Source: Niveltex Canada Inc.


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