Increased Versatility and Productivity from New Aquajet Robot

Aquajet Systems AB will exhibit the newest version of its Aqua Cutter HVD ISC Hydrodemolition robot at the World of Concrete.

The Aqua Cutter HVD is considered to be the most versatile robot available performing horizontal, vertical and up to more than 6 m overhead operations as standard.

The operation width of the new power head can easily be increased and the traverse is easily extended for up to 4 m operation width. This feature is particularly advantageous for increased production on bridges and similar large surface projects.

One of the most important new features is the removal of all sensors and electric cables from the front of the machine, out of the way of water, grease and dust, utilizing a new patented Intelligent Sensing Control (ISC). The robot operates with great safety and reliability. In addition the machine's front end has a clean, functional appearance, with new easy-to-open hose protection and support system for the hydraulic hoses.

It also introduces a new oscillation system providing an adjustable oscillation angle, an easy to set lance angle and an improved and extended EDS lance control. As the water jet rapidly loses power as it is discharged from the nozzle, it is necessary to keep the jet as close to the surface as possible. The EDS allows this robot to achieve a lance angle of attack of as much as 30° to each side, without wasting energy from the jet, directing the power of the water where it is most needed. This in effect speeds the demolition operation allowing the robot to get into awkward areas, such as under rebar with more ease.

The LCD, operators display panel, uses clear and simple pictorial graphics combined with small multi language text making it very easy to program the robot. Graphical representation provides a far quicker assessment of the robot's programming. The robot can also be programmed to cut geometrical patches.

World of Concrete will be held February 2-5, 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Source: Aquajet Systems AB

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