Premier Plantscapes Wins Award for Green Roof


Premier Plantscapes, LLC has received a national merit award from the Professional Landcare Network for a recently installed green roof on the Bentley Building in Sandy Spring, Maryland.

Premier Plantscapes used a new technology, “Aqualok” which allows the use of a wider palette of plants for green roofs unlike the traditional succulents. Aqualok is proprietary, patented growth matrix panels, made from recycled plastic, which provide a perfect growing medium for plants and require no soil, minimal water (watering cycles of 30 to 60 days, and beyond), and greatly reduced need for fertilizer. The material was invented by Joe Byles, an aerospace engineer and Master Gardener who discovered an oxygen ratio in the product that was extremely beneficial for plants. Mr. Byles has used the material on green roofs around the U.S., including California where plants were exposed to temperatures over 38°C and the Santa Anna winds.  

In addition to providing a friendly growing environment for a wide array of plants, the material is also light weight and easy to transport, eliminating the need for transporting loads of soil to roof tops as is current procedure. It also allows buildings, including historic buildings, without high load roof ratings to have a green roof.

Aqualok is also being used for green walls, exterior gardens (plants can be grown on hard and paved surfaces), turf areas, vegetable gardens, hanging baskets, and interior plantscaping. While the expanded plastic medium absorbs water, engineered pores throughout it allow the roots of the plants to breathe, eliminating potential over-watering problems.

The application for green roofs is also very cost affordable to install and companies save considerable money over time in utility costs.

Patrick Cullen, with Premier Plantscapes, is now working on his third green roof in the Washington region.

Source: Premier Plantscapes, LLC

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